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FAQ for Applicants

Questions About Apple...

Q. Will I be charged a fee?
A. Applicants never pay a fee. All fees are paid by the company that hires you.

Q. Where are your jobs located?
A. In Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs.

Q. How long has Apple Personnel been in business?
A. We opened our doors in 1980. Since then we've focused solely on placing administrative professionals in full-time jobs that further their careers.

Q. What types of companies do you work with?
A. Many different types, large and small. If there is anything that defines our client companies, it is that they need high quality administrative personnel and they are willing to invest their resources to get them.

Q. What is the advantage of using your agency?
A. The benefit is our personal attention to your wishes. We go beyond your skills to find out what kind of job will fit you best. One consultant will get to know you very well and work with you throughout the placement process.

Questions About Working With Us...

Q. How long will it take you to find me a job?
A. It depends on what you are looking for, the job market, and how your qualifications match up with others seeking the same position. Our client companies typically want to hire quickly. When we have a job that fits you, you will be contacted immediately and interviews are usually arranged within a few days.

Q. What type of experience do your clients look for?
A. It varies according to each client's needs. Some companies look for entry-level candidates they can train to fit their requirements. Others seek a more seasoned candidate who can step right into a job.

Q. Do I need to take a test?
A. If you are an entry-level candidate with minimal experience, we might administer a basic math, spelling  and proofreading test. However, test results are only one factor in evaluating your qualifications. If you are an experienced candidate, we would rely on your references.

Q. How do I register with your agency?
A. The first step is to send us a resume. If your skills and the position you are seeking fit our areas of expertise, we will set up a phone interview with one of our consultants.

Q. How long will the appointment take?
A. Your initial meeting with us usually takes 90 minutes. We consider this time an important investment since all subsequent communication is done over the phone.

Questions About A New Job...

Q. What happens when I interview with a company?
A. A recruiter who has visited the company will prepare you for the interview, telling you exactly what the job entails, and the work atmosphere of the company.
Q. What if I don't like the job you place me in?
A. If you really don't like a job, you may leave at any time without incurring a fee. This doesn't happen often because we take such care to place you in a job that fits your expectations.


What is the advantage of using your agency?
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