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The Apple Story

     Janie Bygness opened Apple Personnel, Inc. in December, 1980. Prior to that she was co-owner of a Twin Cities clerical placement service, where she hired, trained, and was responsible for a staff of 22 recruiters in four locations. That experience formed a personal philosophy that she strove to manifest at Apple:

"In a high tech world, we offer high touch service."

     This is not just a slogan, but the way we do business. Technology is a fine tool, but not a substitute for personal, one-on-one interaction. We have focused on administrative positions and have become experts in identifying high-quality candidates. But beyond that, we understand that the personality fit is as critical as technical expertise. We know that with a good relationship fit, your administrative staff can be your greatest asset.
     To that end, we have remained small and local. We are not beholden to corporate interests or quotas; our goal is to make quality referrals. We meet with all of our candidates and client companies in person. We interview the whole person and get the "back story" of the company; much more information than what is on a resume or job description. 
     We never forget that we are working with people, not widgets. And we take pride in the trust we've earned from client companies and candidates. 

About Our Name

     Many people have asked how we got our name and if we are part of Apple Computer. The answer is no, we are not affiliated. Apple Computer was founded in 1976, but it was little known nationwide until it went public on the New York Stock Exchange on December 12, 1980 and began a TV ad campaign featuring Dick Cavett.
    We opened December 1, 1980, so it was just a coincidence of timing that we have the same name. We chose the name Apple because it is fresh, All-American, starts with an "A" so it is first in the phone book and could be turned into a great logo. 
     That being said, we can think of other companies that would be worse to be confused with. The only downside is that we regularly get calls from people trying to reach the Apple Store!

Janie Bygness
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Apple Personnel, Inc.

Founded by a President whose philosophy of personal service has led to four decades of success in the administrative recruitment field.