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"I am sure that I would not have interviewed the person we hired based on her resume alone. It was Janie's expertise in pre-screening the candidate and her understanding of our unique needs that led us to a great addition to our team."
Kelly S. Phelps, Director of Marketing & HR, CresaPartners


"Janie's ability to match the candidate to the job is spot on. A management consultant I use for personality assessments said to me, 'Whoever is sending you candidates is getting the profile exactly right.' She has always sent excellent candidates."
Tom Ryan, President, RJ Ryan Construction, Inc.


I tried to do it myself through ads, but found it was a colossal waste of time, especially with all the other things I had to do. What impressed me about Janie was that she 'got it;' zeroed in on just what I needed. She sent me three excellent candidates. I could have hired any one of them."
Dana Post, CEO, Phyton Corporation


"Janie quickly grasped the caliber of employee we needed and I have grown to trust her judgment in assessing talent."
Tammie Coleman, Director of Administration, Midwave Corporation


"Janie does exactly what I need from a Recruiter: She actively listens and always sends candidates who fit in terms of the job, personality, and our corporate culture. Her candidates are high quality and she really cares that the placement is right for everyone involved. In fact, many of the people she placed years ago are still here."
Sue Barmore, Corporate Recruiter, Regis Corporation

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What You Can Expect From Apple...
One Consultant Calling
When you have a job opening, a consultant will visit your company to get a feel for its unique environment, and to learn more about the specific requirements of the position. Your personal consultant will then screen every applicant sent to interview with you. (See "What Happens After You List a Job Opening.")

Two-Step Screening Process
All candidates are evaluated twice before interviewing with you. The first is an informational interview, the second is performed by your personal Apple consultant keeping your specific needs in mind. (Learn more about how we screen applicants.)

An Extensive Applicant Network
Through our extensive network of contacts, we have access to applicants you may not be reaching. They are usually employed and rely on us to inform them of good opportunities.

It Costs You Nothing Until You Hire
National surveys show that the costs of hiring administrative personnel can be extensive. These costs include advertising for the job, testing, interviewing, checking references and countless interruptions  during the process, not to mention the loss of productivity while the position remains open. When you use Apple, you pay only for the result!
We guarantee you'll like our service!
Choose From Three Guarantee Options

We will share the risk of any new hire with a guarantee to fit your needs. (See Three Guarantee Options for more detail.)

  • Cash refunds on a 90-day or 6-month guarantee. If you hire again through Apple it is considered a new transaction.

  • Credit on a 1-year guarantee. If the placement falls through in the first 30 days, you get a 100 percent cash refund.

  • These options allow you to choose the guarantee that best fits the job. For example, a 90-day guarantee may be appropriate for a Receptionist, but a 6-month option might be better for an Accounting position where important tasks are performed just once a month.

  • Applicants placed by Apple incur no financial penalty if they leave a job. You can be sure our placements are there of their own free will.


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