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"How Do You Evaluate Your Applicants?"
Each applicant is evaluated in three distinct ways:

1. Phone Screening

We assess every applicant over the phone before making an appointment to see them. We discuss in detail their work experience, education and skill level. Most importantly, we find out what type of job the applicant is seeking. Should their basic skills be lacking, or the type of job they want not be office-related, we end the process there.

2.  A Personal Interview

This step is much more comprehensive. It goes beyond the resume with a particular focus on the applicant's personal profile. We ask about their work style, the type of boss and coworkers they work best with, the office atmosphere they prefer, duties they like and dislike, strengths, weaknesses, goals, salary desired and reasons for making a change, to name a few. We feel this information is crucial in determining a successful match.

3. Reference Checking

We consider reference checks a vital step in the evaluation process. Our purpose is to not only confirm the information the applicant has given us, but also to get an objective opinion from someone who has observed the applicant in the workplace. Because we are not representing a specific job or company, we are able to obtain more candid and often revealing information. All references are checked prior to referring an applicant to your company--not when you are ready to make an offer--so there will be no unpleasant surprises.
We interview applicants on a regular basis and have hundreds on file at any given time. When you have a specific opening, we are able to quickly and accurately refer the best candidates to you.
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