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First Impressions
Interview tips to help you put your best foot forward.

DO         Ladies:  Wear a suit, nice skirt and blouse, dress or pants suit.

                                Always wear nylons.

                                Cover any tattos, if possible.

                     Men:   Wear a suit and tie or dress pants with dress shirt and tie.

                            Cover any tattos, if possible.

DON'T      Wear skirts that are too tight or too short.

                     Wear heels that are over 2" high.

                     Wear jeans, stretch pants with sweaters, T-shirts, etc.
                     Wear an outfit you'd wear for an evening out.

DO               Apply make-up conservatively.

                       Wear lipstick sparingly.


DO           Paint nails a neutral color.
                     Make sure nails are clean both underneath and around the cuticle.

DON'T         Wear chipped nail polish.

It's always preferred that you NOT wear any because you don't know if the person you will be meeting with has a sensitivity to it. However, if you must wear perfume, keep it light and barely noticeable.


DO choose a hairstyle that's flattering and conservative and always keep your hair a traditionally natural color. It is also a good idea to avoid styling your hair in a way so it is hanging in your face because when you are nervous, you may unconciously keep brushing it aside.


Rule of thumb: Less is better! To keep the amount of jewelry to a minimum, stick to the basics...a wedding ring, necklace and earrings. Stay away from any jewelry that makes noise or that you tend to play with when nervous. Also, be sure to remove any visible body piercings.