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"What Happens After
You List a Job Opening With Apple?"
Collecting Information about the Position
First, we get a thorough job description from you.  If you are a new client, we like to come out to your offices and meet with you to get a feel for the corporate culture. 

Creating a Profile
We take the information you've given us and formulate an "ideal" candidate: Someone who 1) can perform the tasks of the job, 2) can deal effectively with the inherent problems and issues of the position, and 3) will fit smoothly into the culture of the company.  There is no such thing as the perfect candidate, but it is something to aim for.

Screening for Possibilities
Then, we go to our database of people to see who may be a fit.  At this point, the catchword is "possibility thinking."  We try to be creative about potential matches and not limit the possibilities.

Final Screening
We take all of these "possibilities" and then re-screen them, keeping your specific needs in mind.  The bottom-line question: "Is this someone you would consider hiring?"  If not, you won't have to waste your time seeing them. I try to send 3-5 candidates for you to interview, but this may vary, depending on the position and the market for people.

Interview Feedback
After the initial interviews, we will get your feedback. The candidates will have contacted us as well, and given their impressions. This is a very important step. Our  candidates are told they can speak freely about the interview and we encourage you to do the same.  It is from this information that we determine the next step.  Did you see someone you would like to interview again?  Do we need to redefine some of the parameters and send you other choices?  We want to do whatever it takes to reach the most satisfying result.

The more we work together, the better the communication between us, and the greater the chance we will find you a good fit.

Making the Offer
When you have decided on a candidate you would like to hire, we will help you negotiate an offer that will be satisfactory to both you and the candidate.  Our goal is to place an employee who is excited to work for your company and will help it to grow and thrive.

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Most of what we do you never see. These six steps give you some insight into our work process.