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"Janie's expertise in pre-screening administrative candidates is invaluable. She interviews applicants extensively, and personally checks their references. Not only did Janie's services save me a lot of time, I am sure that I would not have interviewed the person we hired based on her resume alone."
Kelly Phelps
Director of Marketing and HR


"Janie quickly grasped the caliber of employee we needed and I have grown to trust her judgment in assessing talent. She is meticulous about checking references and the candidates I interviewed were always well-informed about the job and Midwave."
Tammie Coleman
Director of Operations


"Janie is the 'go-to' person when the company needs staffing requirements from support to customer service to account management positions. She is excellent at matching the right person to the requirements of the position that needs to be filled. Plus she is very enjoyable to work with and stands behind all of the selections that she makes in meeting the position requirements."
Gail Severson
Chief Financial Officer
Wiken International


"Janie does exactly what I need from a Recruiter: She actively listens and always sends candidates that fit in terms of the job, personality, and our corporate culture. Her candidates are high quality and she really cares that the placement is right for everyone involved. In fact, many of the people she placed years ago are still here."
Sue Barmore
Corporate Recruiter
Regis Corporation


"Janie's ability to match the candidate to the job is spot on. A management consultant I use for personality assessments said to me, 'Whoever is sending you candidates is getting the profile exactly right.' She has always sent excellent candidates."
Tom  Ryan
RJ Ryan Construction, Inc.


"As a candidate, when I interviewed with Janie, I most appreciated the fact that I got a chance to say what I was looking for in a job and she listened to me. She asked a lot of probing questions and took the time to really get to know me. The first interview she sent me on suited me perfectly.

"After a few years I was promoted to Human Resources Manager. I have hired three people from her in the last year and in each case, it was a question of choosing the best one among really good candidates. She is easy to work with, very thorough, and having been on both sides of the desk, I trust that she has everyone's best interests in mind."
Kristi Malszycki Sanderson
HR Manager
The Hartfiel Company


"Janie was instrumental in matching my skills and needs to find me my ideal position. Her main objective is to find the "right fit" for the employer and the employee. She was very professional and added a personal touch to my experience with her, which is seldom found in today's job market. ~ Jennifer ~

"Janie has vast experience in her field and knows how to match a client's skills and wants with the right job. She immediately placed me in the position I'm in now and I just had my first year anniversary - I love it!" ~ Rebecca ~

"Just a note of thanks! Thanks for -- making me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in the door; taking the time to help me sort through my thoughts to truly figure out what I was looking for; finding a position that works well for me."   ~ Stacy ~

"My sincere thanks for what was undoubtedly one of the most pleasant interviewing experiences of my administrative career."  ~ Ada ~

"Especially in times like these, finding caring, professional and proactive individuals like you is rare. Thank you for everything you did to make my job search a success."      ~ Melissa ~

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'Janie actively listens and always sends candidates that fit in terms of the job, personality, and our corporate culture.'